Increase your members and Stay Connected with secure Email Marketing.

Build your own gorgeous email marketing campaigns or use our pre designed "program specific" ones - ready to send.

Our email marketing built for churches allows our super-easy email builder to send with intention and purpose. 

When you need deliverability and convenience... without the cost!

Easy List Creation & Groups

Create remarkable lists that are easy to send to church news or email marketing. Easy, fast and efficient.

Marketing Automation

Revolutionise the way your church does marketing. Create actual harvest cycles that change lives.

New Template Builder

Build simple easy to understand templates. Import contacts direct from forms to one80's unique system.

Secure Email Sending

We built One80 to empower churches – to allow them to grow connections by using the latest online marketing contact management tools. 

Email Marketing is at the core of our cycle strategy allowing advertising to work through lists producing real results.




Turbo Boosting Your Church

Why build your church patronage with One80? Because we custom built it to provide all the online tools you need to generate and maintain effective connections.

One80 has proven results. In most instances, One80 has been the primary reason for growth in many of our founding churches, doubling and trippling both incoming leads and retention.

Benefits of One80

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